Why Us?

Our Commitment to You

Here we focus a lot on creating a visceral experience of customized services for clients through our core value.

Working alongside a dedicated team, we take pride in producing high-quality dental prosthesis. Adopting cutting-edge industry standard of digital dentistry in recreating and restoring healthy, age-appropriate, yet youthful smiles using advance digital software.

By challenging the status quo, every product of Digital Dental Aesthetics is digitally designed, manufactured with advance machining and hand-finished using the finest materials, state-of the art techniques. Ensuring consistency & fulfilling our promise to clients.

Who Are We?

Elevating smiles, an artistry Made with Precision, Driven by Passion

Founded by Mr. Alvin Chai since 2021, Digital Dental Aesthetics is a lab of choice for personalised experience – fusion between dental artistry and technology.

Our passion lies in creating natural life-like dental prosthesis that fulfils functional, biological & aesthetic requirements for our clients. We believe that restoring a patient’s smile often gives new life and emotional appeal.

" Communication is multiplication. We live a live-style that breathes close collaboration with our clinicians to provide ideal outcomes for each patient. All attributes that validates the patient’s emotional link with the treatment plan and clinical acceptance, enhancing overall dental treatment experience. "

How we operate

We believe communication is a prerequisite to clinical mastery where every member in the restorative team working together with the same set of guidelines and protocol to achieve success. Upon receiving your case, you will be assigned to a dedicated technician whom you can communicate with throughout the entire work process.

Only the best

We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process and never settle for less. Regardless whether it is a posterior or anterior crown , we always spent a lot of time making sure that the work meets aesthetic standards.

Ensuring Consistency

We’re often recognised for our high-quality manufacturing, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. We emphasize consistency throughout the whole fabrication process where products will always have excellent marginal fit, decent amount of proximal intensity and occlusal contact points - saving clinical chair time.

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